Chains for Change

A great fundraiser event for STARS and Callum Fairhurst

This has been a fantastic event for both organisations and we are pleased to say that the Liam Fairhurst Foundation has donated funds to STARS to provide supervision and training for our volunteer counsellors.

Thank you for your fantastic support.

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CPD training opportunities with STARS

A series of invaluable courses aimed at professionals.

STARS Bereavement Support Services are hosting a series of courses aimed at professionals working with children and young people encountering bereavement issues.

Friday 23 May 14 – Working with Attachment Styles 

Saturday 24 May 14 – Basic Child Protection and Safeguarding 

Saturday 7 June 14 – Grief and Loss (Pt 1)

Friday 20 June 14 – Working with Children Recently Bereaved 

Friday 27 June 14 – Using and Working with Gestalt Techniques with Children 

Saturday 5 July 14 – Grief and Loss (Pt 2) (In conjunction with Part 1) 

Friday 19 Sept 14 – Facilitating and Mediating 

Friday 26 Sept 14 – Supervision, Self-Care and Burn-Out 

Saturday 18 Oct 14 – Basic Child Protection and Safeguarding