It is likely that you will feel different to your friends or people around you. Something so big has happened in your life and it is happening to you, not your friends, other children at school or, if you are not at school, others around you. You may feel that you have become a different person because of what has happened.

You may feel strange going back to school/college/work after the funeral because everything there is still the same – the lessons are the same, you’re sitting next to the same person in the office or at lunch time, you’re getting on the same bus or walking the same way home and yet you feel different.

Sometimes other people don’t know what to say to you and you don’t know what to say to them.

In lots of ways you may just want to ‘carry on as normal’ doing what you usually do. Friends/teachers/work mates can sometimes say things without thinking, or they may be getting excited about an event, for example, Christmas, and inside you may feel hurt, confused or angry with them because that event won’t be the same for you anymore.