Here are some comments provided by previous users of STARS


"I learnt to release feelings"

"I enjoyed making new friends"

"I have learnt to express my feelings more"

"I have learnt that other people feel the same"

"I know that I'm not the only one"

"I learnt that there are better ways to express feelings"

"It was helpful just talking"

"When I am with (STARS worker) I get a warm feeling"

"She really helped me"

"I didn't tell anyone how I felt but when (STARS worker) came she helped me to tell how I feel and that was very helpful"

"When (STARS worker) was working with me it made me a lot happier so that was really good and helpful"

"She helped me to talk about the feelings I have"


"Not only did it help my son to understand more about the loss of his Mum, it has also brought together families - now we are good friends."

"My children said it was good to hear the stories of others, which as strange as it seems is a positive - they are aware that life is unkind to others as well and so they are not isolated."